Frequently Asked Questions

The easiest way to arrange a survey is to complete our online quotation form and a member of our team will be in touch within 48 hours. Alternatively you can give our team a call on 0800 061 4991.

Our team will contact you within 48 hours of completion of the survey. Here we will detail the cost of the works, any funding we can access for you, and the finance options available.

We are authorised to apply for grants under the Government’s ECO3 scheme. Under this scheme, providing there is a member of the household on a qualifying benefit, we can install your energy efficiency measure either for free or heavily discounted (dependent on the measure).

Local Authorities also have their own specific qualifying criteria that means you don’t have to be on an ECO3 qualifying benefit. Each Local Authority is different though so for details on your specific Local Authority, please contact our team on 0800 061 4991.

We do offer finance options. The best place to view these are through the website but alternatively please contact a member of our team on 0800 061 4991.

We can install energy efficiency measures to rented properties, even if you are qualifying for a grant. We will need landlord permission though.

We have several accreditations to help reassure customers that you are in good hands with Baxter Kelly. These all come with annual audits and inspections to ensure our work is being carried out to the highest standards.

You can check Baxter Kelly out on the following websites:


Green Deal Approved

Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency

If your house was built after 1930 then it probably has a cavity wall. This means your property has a space in the wall where insulation can be blown in and help improve the energy efficiency of the building.

Properties built pre-1930 most likely have a solid wall and so don’t have this space. This means they have to be insulated externally or internally. This is done by attaching insulation to the external or internal wall and then covering with a plaster (internally) or render (externally).

Cavity wall insulation is much cheaper than solid wall insulation because it is a much quicker process to install.

Cavity wall insulation takes 2-3 hours.

External or internal insulation takes much longer and is dependent on the size of a property. A rough guide would be allow 3-5 days for internal and 7-10 days for external wall insulation.

All insulation installs come with a 25-year CIGA guarantee

We use a silicon render to finish off the EWI. There are several colours you can choose from and we will provide you samples before we order any materials.


The ECO grant only covers Baxter Kelly to lay on top of existing materials. We are not allowed to remove the material that is already there.

If it is a private job where the customer is paying then we can of course remove existing insulation but this will be added on to the price of the job.

We will work around a few items stored in the loft, but if your loft is full of boxes and items then we will need you to remove these before we start the install.

For privately paid jobs, we will require a 20% deposit before we start the works. This will all be explained in the quotes though.

As standard we install Ideal Logic boilers with a range of warrantees. We can install other makes and models if a customer has a specific one in mind.

After installation a member of our team will call the customer to carry out a job satisfaction survey and discuss our service plans. We recommend setting up a service plan for as long as the warranty.

Finance is available on all our products. Offering both a 0% on a fixed 24-month term or a longer-term package that the customer can tailor to his or her own needs.

Yes of course. We will work with the customer to ensure that their boiler is the best one suited for their home and lifestyle and that it is positioned in the most suitable place.

Under both the ECO scheme and for private jobs, we can install a full new wet system into your property. It would all be dependent on the gas feed to your property but we would look at that and discuss your options at survey stage.

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